Brushcutter, the new system to change the wire in 10 seconds


Ease of use, convenience, durability and versatility: these are the characteristics sought by the new Emak Speed & Go system Efco brand and Oleo-Mac brushcutters. In just 10 seconds and only three gestures can replace the wire and return to work.The system includes head and a nylon wire disk: recharging is via wire diskette already wrapped and ready to use. Just open the head, insert the wire disc and close the cartridge to resume work without the help of tools.Furthermore, the Tap & Go system allows the regulation of the length of the wire, making easier the cutting operations during use, and thanks to the mounting system with adapters, the head can be mounted on all Hedge present on the market, always guaranteeing the best fixing and reduced vibration.The diameter of 130 mm head - explain by Emak - is characterized by the shaped knob with lowered profile and the body in the copolymer reinforced with glass fiber to ensure maximum impact resistance and wear even in the most demanding uses.The exclusive section with the perfect blend of round / square ensures aggressive in cutting, reduced vibration and long service life, thanks to the special mix of plastic components used and patented production process. "The diskette in charging system is available in two sizes."

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