How to grow bulbous plants


A series of meetings dedicated to spring and summer bulbous plants, from cultivation to the creation of flower beds, practical advice, up to the use of cut flowers.
Throughout the month of March, in the Viridea garden centers, you can participate in the study with a botanist expert, Anna Bocchietti.
The naturalist will present the characteristics of bulbs, rhizomes and tubers, illustrating their needs, methods of planting and proper care.
A series of basic indications will be provided for the realization of flower beds outdoors, even in small spaces: from the choice of bulbs for a flowering to climb to the preparation of the land, without neglecting the agronomic needs and cultivation techniques. The expert will then share tips and practical suggestions for the use of cut flowers: the different methods of collection, small tricks to keep them longer in water and some examples to make beautiful bouquets.
Anna Bocchietti will also be available to those present to answer questions and curiosity.
For information on dates, see the Viridea website.


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