In Camaiore there is the way of the garden, all the details


It is the Way of the Garden takes shape in the historic center of the town of Camaiore during the second weekend of April. The event is part of the circuit, manifestazionei girlfriends" which was supported by the main shows market gardening and horticulture Italian including: "Verdemura" and "Murabilia" Lucca "Harborea" Livorno "Franciacorta in bloom "," Florealfest "of Udine and" Orticolario "Como. The garden represents the passion for excellence of Camaiore, always devoted to agriculture, by virtue of the particular vocation geographical / morphology of the territory of Camaiore. The town, in fact, includes hill and mountain resort especially suited to the cultivation and production of vegetables and floriculture. There are numerous companies of Versilia known for the production of vegetable plants and, for this reason, the event was created with the intent to enhance them and increase their visibility.On the occasion of the event are set up in the center of Camaiore stand for the display and sale of vegetable plants, seeds, herbs, tools for vegetable and flower gardens. It 'also planned the construction of scenic gardens in the courts, in the streets, in the squares to show how even the vegetable garden can be accomplished in tight urban spaces.You can taste typical local food and wine and buy fruit and vegetables of local companies in the market to zero km. Often the schools of the district are involved in municipalDuring the two-day event are proposed events of various types that form the backdrop to the event: exhibitions, exhibitions, discussions, workshops for schools, cultural events / talkshow horticultural related to the topic, conducted by experts and journalists in the industry."

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