Milan becomes "Savior of the lost gladiolus"


It costs nothing, but is very good for biodiversity of the Italian flora. The idea is simple and we hope will become viral: take, take care and then release a gladiolus italics. Everyone here? That's all. But the result is of great importance.It all begins at nursery ProNatura of San Giuliano Milanese, which is trying to build around themselves a network of volunteers-green thumbs who want to jump into the adventure of cultivating biodiversity of wild flowers on the balconies of Italian cities, in the gardens, around the community gardens or even on the windowsill. "From nursery explain how the initiative: "We provide a free sachet of cloves. The 'adoptive parents' are committed morally to multiply the plants and then give them independence, putting them planted in natural environments most suitable for the species or in abandoned spaces of the suburbs. "For the start of the campaign it was chosen a beautiful flower, the gladiolus italic, symbol of the Italian spontaneous flora, with beautiful fuchsia flowers that attract bees too. "A time - explain from the nursery - along with cornflowers and poppies was accompanied to put grain in spring. Today, unfortunately, has almost disappeared from the countryside because of the use of herbicides and intensive cultivation techniques and meets infrequently on the edge of the fields. "The Pronatura Nurseries cultivates this plant for years, with seeds collected in the wild and now distribute bulbs free to all candidates "Saviours of gladiolus lost." You must place them in a vase in the sun by autumn and water them from time to time, since it is a spontaneous species that "can take care of itself." Once multiplied, we must break up the clods and bring the bulbs in nature, on the edge of a wood, in a vineyard or in a flowerbed town.The event also serves to raise awareness of the work of the association Nurseries Pronatura, a non-profit organization founded in 1987, pioneered the biodiversity of native species of Lombardy, which has protected and enhanced by managing a nursery of wild plants in San Giuliano Milanese and a small greenhouse in San Vittore prison. To participate or to ask questions you can send an email to"


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