Capitozzatura: 13 associations write to the Minister


A letter to the Minister of the Environment and to the Cultural Heritage, calling loudly for a law that defends trees in the city. It was signed by 13 associations and bodies attentive to environmental issues.
After the appeal launched by the National Coordination for Trees and the Landscape (read here), now the associations have come together to make a common front and to ask with even greater force for a regulatory intervention that regulates the techniques for the maintenance of the trees, prohibiting the destructive practices, such as topping, which can compromise the health and also the stability of the trees. Thus making them even less secure.
The organizers write: "Increasing the presence of green spaces and trees in the city promotes numerous forms of employment - the promoters of the initiative continue - it is therefore a great opportunity to offer work to both technical personnel (monitoring, design, stability controls, etc.) and operational (agronomic and arboricultural treatments, new plants, etc.). In Italy, Law no. 10 of 14 January 2013 is already operational and is an excellent starting point to underline the importance of urban green spaces; in addition, the Ministry of the Environment has produced strategic documents and guidelines. All this is important, but not enough to ensure a modern and correct approach to tree management. For this reason, we ask for a law that seriously regulates the matter ".
The associations have asked to meet the ministers to collaborate on this path.
The signatories of the appeal: National Coordination of Trees and Landscape - National Federation of Pro Natura / Lipu-BirdLife Italy / Respiro Verde Legalberi / National Forum We Save the Landscape / Group of Legal Intervention Onlus / Stop to Land Use / ISDE Italy / Doctors for Law Environment / GUFI - Italian Forestry Unit Group / AIVP - Italian Association of Green Professionals / Erythros / Terra Nuova Editions / Committee for Beauty


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