Taking care of green: free classes at garden center


As of September 24, in garden centers Viridea, you can participate for free (without registration) to one of the meetings organized in collaboration with the Fondazione Minoprio and dedicated to green enthusiasts. The theme will be the proper care of ornamental plants, in particular those from inside.
It will describe the geographical origin of the main species, leafy as flowers, as well as understand how to make them grow healthy and lush way.
"They will be illustrated - explanatory Viridea - the characteristics of the different species, each describing the needs of light, humidity, soil and fertilizers, the locations in which to place the plants and which can move outside during the summer. They will be recommended both species for which flowering the foliage, proposing associations also useful to have pleasing interior environments and easy maintenance ".
Not only that, the expert will also provide practical guidance on the proper repotting, the soil to be used, the most suitable and which fertilizers to use containers. For some species will also learn how to perform multiplication in the house.
Virgilio Piatti will finally review the main mistakes and the most suitable techniques for the maintenance of the plants in the difficult conditions of the interior: how and how much to water, what type of fertilizer to be administered, in what doses, at what season and how often.
After each meeting, you will be given way to questions of those present.

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