Green Care: The National Congress of Ass.I.Ort


The care of the green for the care of the person. In recent years, ortoterapia has gained more and more space and importance in Italy. Associazione italiana di ortoterapia is now hoping for the birth of a specialized figure that will bridge the necessary skills in the green environment and the social aspect. This will also be discussed on Saturday 25 November in the third national conference that Ass.I.Ort. organizes, within which will also be presented experiences of such activities in different fields. The association also promoted a cognitive investigation to know the spread of orthotherapy and "networking".
"To date, they have devoted themselves to orthodox educators with a particular passion for green or agronomists with particular sensibility to" social ": however, it is necessary to have a" hinge "operator with all the knowledge, skills and skills that cover areas of psychopedagogy, psychology, psychiatry and re-enabling, as well as those of agronomy, botany and agriculture in the broad sense. The creation of this figure is, however, closely linked to the official recognition of the validity and effectiveness of orthopedic surgery: where the Ass.I.Ort has been moving for some time, "reads the presentation of the conference, on the site of the association.
Meanwhile, Ass.I.Ort continues to promote specific knowledge and preparation through the promotion of a wide range of presentations on these topics: in addition to the annual National Congress, there are organized meetings, seminars, courses and local conferences, events where it is possible to testify of their activity and offer the possibility of consulting and supervision. For information about the conference you can write to

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