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Celebrin Dimensione Verde

L 'organization Celebrin Green Size is dedicated to the design and realization of gardens and green in gender, to their care and maintenance, the supply of products for the green and gardening, building and sale of flowers and floral arrangements for weddings, events and ceremonies, the sale of objects and gifts, production and sale of plants and flowers. Quality and customer satisfaction are the main purpose of the company Celebrin. Innovation, professional competence, accurate customer service, availability for advice and custom quotes, a staff trained and constantly updated. These are the characteristics that distinguish Celebrin and that allowed it to establish itself as a leading company in the sector. Today we can say, thanks to the constant and strong commitment to the work, that the initial objective has been achieved and the dream of Tarcisio and Doriana is now a reality of 13,000 square meters (of which 2,000 are covered and heated), comprising three main sectors that are : - Production of flowers and plants - Design and realization of gardens and green space, and their maintenance - Garden Center
Since 1988

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Company headquarter
Celebrin Dimensione Verde
Via Madonna 1, San Biagio di Callalta (TV)

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