The Mayor of the green, the first census


1,371 plants. They are the ones to unite Italy, most of the thousands of Garibaldi. These are the plants that grow wild today exclusively in Italy. Promoted by the Department of Biology of the University of Pisa, in collaboration with the Botanical Research Center Floristic Apennines is the result of the first census of the species and subspecies endemic to our country. The study represents a fundamental starting point to deepen the knowledge of the Italian flora from the point of view of evolution and conservation. One for all? The Pinguicola of Poldini", a carnivorous plant (or rather, insectivorous) that capture his prey through the leaves turned into sticky traps. Or the "Lino Katia", an endemic species of the Pollino massif in Calabria who lives alone in a remote location near the summit of Mount Manfriana. "Almost 19% of the national flora consists of endemic plants," explained Lorenzo Peruzzi "knowledge of species is essential since their eventual extinction would be under the responsibility of Italy"."

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