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Centro del Verde Toppi srl

The love for the green and the plants of the Toppi family has its roots in more than 80 years of history. Generations have succeeded passing the symbolic baton of an acquired skill touching hands with all that that is the culture of the land and the floriculture industry. The story begins in 1930, when the great-great grandfather Serafino began the business as a blacksmith-farmer. An important turning point came two decades later when the business was expanded thanks to the great-grandfather before that Christmas, as a simple gardener and later as a nurseryman, he began to devote himself to the production of flowers and ornamental plants which were sold in the company and in street markets to 'still very popular era in the territory. Dates back to 1970 the building of a true garden, conceived by Gianmario Toppi in a modern and innovative to meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly demanding and knowledgeable. This first center of the green boasted over 1000 square meters of covered structure, numbers that made him one of the greatest realities in the area. But it is only in the nineties thanks to Hugh Toppi approaching the size and quality standards that still characterize the Toppi Green Center. A structure and a constantly evolving company, with an ever-ready ear to grasp the needs of customers and their eyes to what are the news and the most interesting on the market. Market, which now ranges from furnishing plants for the garden, from interior decoration to the wellness of body products, from tools for the care of the garden to all that can serve for the animal world, because of its power and his care. Our Garden is one of the founders of the "Giardinia Group", a group that brings together some of the best garden centers specialized distributed throughout the country. The Giardinia Group cooperates to make available assortment of customers, innovation, professionalism and creativity to give life and color to the environment daily. The Garden Center belonging to the Group still maintain their own individuality but they have one thing in common .... the nature of passion.

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Centro del Verde Toppi srl
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