Ceramic pots for spring in the garden


To make unique gardens or outside spaces are not only the types of plants that grow there, but also the care with which he is held, and the elements with which it is customized. For this The Lucky has developed a range of vases, containers and accessories for outdoor ceramic Made in Italy,
The earthenware vessels offer the plants breathe perfectly and are also extremely stable. Many of the vessels of La Gabbianella are marl, a special ceramic material that is resistant to extreme temperatures, down to -30 ° C, throughout the winter.
Some have a wavy edge that recalls the shape of the corolla of a flower. The high-traditional form, available in three sizes, there is that large, in two sizes, and the one in his pocket, Wall. These vessels are equipped with drain hole and the "Canestrini" have combined their saucer.
 Enamel are available at the top finish "Old Tuscany", a choice of 6 different colors: Red, Milk White, Blue, Navy Blue, Hunter Green and Yellow Gold, or the natural, marl, or even completely glazed over many bright colors.
Very useful both for large plants to collect rainwater or as decoration tiles are offered in two versions: flared and paunchy, each available in Red or White milk, or with the decorations "Prickly" or " oranges ".


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