Cervia Garden City, the news in 2017


"Europe flourishes in Cervia" is the theme chosen for the 45th edition of Cervia Garden City -May in Fiore. The largest exhibition of floral art in Europe in Cervia from May to September, is back with many new features, starting from the events, which multiply and make the month of May the most fragrant and more alive for Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata.
At the start the weekend of 5, 6 and 7 May, with "Flowery Boats", a new format desired by the Municipality of Cervia, in collaboration with the Association Carriste Companies of Ventimiglia. It is a novelty that will hit both look spectacular, and for the message. The Cervia channel will in fact be a natural stage of flowers prepared by Ventimiglia "infioratori" experts with thousands of petals and colorful blooms, decorating themselves that three historic boats and launch a message of hope, in the name of Europe.
On the same days the historic center of Cervia will also star in "Green Market", a commercial space in the open air for fans of the green. You can buy plants and flowers, bonsai, succulents, natural products, but also pottery, vases, furniture, herbal and natural products. At the same time it will turn an extemporaneous art, with painters association "Cervia Meet Art".
Among bonsai and windows in bloom will come to May 26, when it will open the 45th edition of Cervia Garden City - May in Bloom, an event that has grown over the years and that today can boast of being the largest exhibition of floral art in Europe, with more than 60 cities, organizations, associations and participating companies from Europe and Canada. The theme of the flower competition is "Europe flourishes in Cervia." The Garden City par excellence is indeed certain that the flowers and street furniture are synonymous with peace and friendship between peoples. For this Cervia has never abandoned his original vision, one born in 1972, to host every year in May, architects, managers and technicians of the green come together in Cervia to make simple gestures, but of great symbolic value. Put planted a new plant and set up a beautiful and fragrant garden make the urban environment more comfortable and life. Every year we used more than 350,000 plants of flowers and thousands of square meters of turf.

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