Young green designers: installation for the Olympics at the University of Pisa


This time they chose the Olympic rings, a symbol of the peaceful union of peoples: this is the special display that the students of the Master of Science in Planning and Management of the green and the landscape of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pisa have created for the 44th edition of Cervia Garden City, the event where you meet the most prestigious Italian and European garden centers which takes place from 28 May to 30 September.For many years the Department of Agriculture, Food and Agro-environmental part in the event - explained Professor Paul Vernieri Pisan of the university - and every year our students, led by teachers, engage in the preparation of one green space ".Along with the five rings made with flowering plants, the installation also includes a vegetable framework, where on a turf dichondra, there is an Olympic torch. In this case, the plants are placed on an inert substrate in rock wool to favor favors the rooting and the structure has an automatic drip irrigation system.Founded in 1972, the event Cervia Garden City has grown over the years to win important prizes and awards, including the gold medal in the European competition "Entente Florale Europe", which rewards the best cities and flowered villages of Europe, while last year the city won the prestigious "International Challenge Communities in Bloom" competition of the world's flowering municipalities. As part of the multi-year collaboration with the University of Pisa study days several initiatives have been implemented and the May event in Fiore was devoted to a dissertation from which is derived the book published by Arachne Editrice "Cervia: the City from the soul green"."


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