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Cfadda spa

The precious heritage of their grandparents, who in 1880 opened a small business of hardware, patiently built with hard work and determination sees the arrival of a breath of youth. Next to Cosimo begin to collaborate children: Roberto, Lorenzo, Andrea and Francesca. The firm consolidates and begins to look with greater determination to the future with the goal of becoming a leader in Sardinia in the DIY sector. Thanks to the enthusiasm and cooperation of children, in 1999 CFadda opens a new store in Carbonia. Afterwards, in 2003 it opens the headquarters in Olbia and in 2004 that of Tortolì. The continued expansion and in 2005 was inaugurated the store of Sestu, followed in 2006 by Villacidro and Sassari. Rapid growth, but solid, favored family harmony and support of all employees and employees of what now has become the CFadda Group. In 2007 he opens the DIY center of Macomer, in 2009 to Porto Torres and finally on February 24 of 2011 was inaugurated the sale of Nuoro point. In 2012, we were celebrated 30 years of the sale of Cagliari point, which for the occasion has been completely renovated. The redesign has also invested Olbia and Sestu, to arrive in 2014 at the opening of the store Senorbì, the 10th of the Group which thus became the largest in the DIY sector in Sardinia. Support to management and those stores operating a lean and efficient structure at the headquarters of Via Calamattia, divided into five functional areas: administration, sales, sales, human resources, technical area / computer. 1 January 2011 the CFadda Group officially joined the consortium of National Bricolife purchase, which Cosimo Fadda was president during the first three years of operation, after which, in 2014, he is succeeded by his son Roberto, by unanimous election by all members. The consortium consists of companies, among the first in Italy in the DIY sector, of several important regions that own 57 stores, 98,000 square meters of facilities for sale with 761 employees and over 145 million in revenue. Experience, reliability and professionalism are the characteristics that identify the CFadda Group, a company that for 135 years is the reference for the sector of the DIY and DIY in Sardinia.

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Cfadda spa
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