New cordless chainsaw for arborists


The Stihl battery range is extended with a new model of the Lithium-Ion Pro line, the MSA 161 T pruning chain saw.
Particularly suitable for experienced arborists, who can use it for the removal of dead wood or infected by diseases and pests, or for cutting the top of the trees, it is also suitable for work in tree climbing or on an elevating work platform.
Among the strengths of the new Stihl chainsaw are the increased cutting performance, thanks to the high chain speed (16 m / s) and the engine power increased by 15%. The model MSA 161 T is also handy; the new operating system is enhanced with the introduction of a lateral block and a larger security block compared to previous versions.
The STIHL MSA 161 T chainsaw is perfect for areas sensitive to noise due to its low noise level.

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