At Christmas, put a drone garden under the tree


Environmentally conscious and energy consumption, but above all able to save time and effort. The latest trend for Christmas gifts are the drones Garden: automatic machines that take care of the lawn in total safety. More than a sale of ten focuses in this period: it is a trend that we recorded last year and that is confirmed again this year," says Massimiliano Pez, general manager of Neumann Italy, a company belonging to the German group Neumann Robotics leader in industrial and developing innovative solutions for the outdoors.Pre seasonal sales"Despite the period of lawn maintenance is for the time being" frozen "given the season, the drone garden is enjoying success as a Christmas present for those who have a lawn to look after." For its technical specifications and to the great tech the robot market garden is not seasonal. As confirmation Pez: "Contrary to what you might think, the sales trend is not drone on / off during the year, or prancing in the warm periods as there is actually a need to mow the lawn and then stop in cold seasons when the maintenance of the green fall off. About 12% of our sales is concentrated in the pre-Christmas months of November and December, with a growing trend within the same month: looking to November, for example, the last two weeks showed 50% more than the first part of the month. Within the range Mission, preference is given to the smallest model, the Minimission that meets the needs for lawns up to 800 square meters. "Why a drone garden under the tree?"The reasons are at least four types: the environment because the drone ensures a lower consumption of water for irrigation, economical because it does not require the use of fertilizers and aesthetic: the garden is always in order. Certainly not least, the convenience: once programmed, the drone moves autonomously cutting the lawn and repositioning the base to recharge. "Pez concludes: "We have seen that with Christmas is an opportunity to make a gift to the husband or the father

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