Christmas Sabart supports earthquake companies


Taking the opportunity of the nearby Christmas, Sabart launched a proposal of solidarity in favor of businesses and local producers in the areas of central Italy hit in recent months by earthquakes.
The Reggio Emilia company wants to offer concrete support for agriculture, because it can be the engine of the rebirth of these territories so deeply tied to the land, through the purchase of local food products, excellence appreciated in Italy and around the world.
The final aim is to accelerate the reconstruction and putting manufacturers under the best conditions to continue to operate on the market.
"With the approach of the Christmas holidays we decided to support entrepreneurs and cooperatives of the areas affected by the earthquake who have suffered damage to structures and productions, through the purchase of local gastronomic excellences of those territories and appreciated all over the world" - explains the 'CEO Sabart Luigi Bartoli.
"Agriculture is a valuable resource and one of the most important productive activities of these lands can be concretely engine rebirth of the communities and the local economy." - Continues Bartoli. "The packs with the highest quality food products will be donated to our customers, as a reward to the confidence for each minimum amount order placed from 8 to 23 December."
Enhancing the excellence of the territory you can share, and Sabart chose to do so thanks to the collaboration of its sales network.


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