Cifarelli invests in the recycling of leaves


As part of its growth projects, Cifarelli Spa, with an open innovation activity, has decided to invest in Nantoo, a startup that owns an international patent for a new system for recycling leaves, thus transforming waste into a resource.
Founded by Beatrice Sileno, it is an innovative startup and benefit company that aims to revolutionize the leaf harvesting market, work that has a significant impact on sustainability: Nantoo_biocycle is the new dynamic system that reinvents outdoor aspiration and transforms leaves from waste to resource, because it simplifies home composting and activates a new circular economy model that leads to the creation of cutting-edge biobased materials, without cutting down plants or consuming soil and resources.

Nantoo owns an international patent which makes its concept unique.

According to Beatrice Sileno, founder of Nantoo "the partnership with Cifarelli will allow us to accelerate the growth and R&D process thanks also to their experience in the sector", while Roberto Cifarelli, R&D manager Cifarelli adds: "we will give our contribution to R&D in Nantoo to the development of a product that promises to be disruptive”.
For Renato Cifarelli, CEO Cifarelli "it is a pleasure to work on sustainability issues with motivated young people who also bring new enthusiasm to our team".

The agreement provides for the purchase of a share of Nantoo by Cifarelli Spa, synergies in the field of R&D and prototypes, thanks to the consolidated Cifarelli structure.
Finally, a possible cooperation when the production and sales phase starts.


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