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Cilloni Verde

Cilloni Verde is a company specializing in the design, implementation and maintenance of private gardens and public green spaces. It operates with a dynamic and flexible structure supported by an organizational team and teams of highly skilled gardeners with equipment and cutting-edge media. public works - SOA OS 24 We work for several years with local authorities and not for the construction and maintenance of public works, parks, avenues, parks, eco-barriers and urban green in general. Our company has obtained the SOA OS 24 and is therefore suitable to participation in public tenders for the construction and maintenance of public parks. The people are the soul of our company. All our employees, occupy any role, contributing proactively to the growth of skills and professionalism of the entire group. Our employees, recruited preferably among the graduates of the Institute Agrario Zanelli of Reggio Emilia, are young highly motivated to realize and develop their knowledge through the work that is entrusted to them every day.

You can find us

Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Cilloni Verde
Via Adelmo Tirabassi 11/F, Reggio Emilia (RE)

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