Codifas was born in 2006 spontaneous union of a group of farmers who, at the end of the agrarian countryside, they realized that the revenues obtained from their farms were much lower than the costs they had incurred. Since then many battles have been carried out in order to obtain the recognition of the dignity of the worker of the earth, recognizing that needs only to be cultural and social but also, and not secondarily economic.
Composed mainly of under-40, today Codifas look to the challenges that the future imposes on us in terms of environmental and economic sustainability.

Today Codifas promotes a new model of eco-agriculture, for the protection of health and biodiversity.

The Codifas founded and manages some Orti Urbani in the city of Palermo in order to promote the social gathering, the constructive use of leisure time, and the recovery of an active and direct relationship with the Earth and with Nature. Through the Urban Gardens to inform citizens about the different methods of cultivation, use of natural products for fertilization and pest control.

We strongly believe that the only way forward is to create solidarity networks because there is the need both economic and ethical to produce according to the sense of responsibility, awareness, and mutual respect.

That is why we favor the formation of networks between agricultural reality of entrepreneurial or associative in order both to organize in a more profitable production and agricultural marketing deiprodotti is to foster a respectful production system of the natural balance, sustainable and resilient

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Via Messina Marine 75, Palermo (PA)

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