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Codra Mediterranea srl, for over fifteen years dealing with environmental restoration, investing private resources to acquire and develop know-how and advanced technologies in the environmental sector in general and the restoration of degraded environments in particular, thanks to relations of scientific and professional collaboration with research institutes, universities and public and private scientific centers, national and international. The Center designs and patented innovative environmental restoration measures aimed at reconstruction of dune and dune cordons in combating desertification, or the soil consolidation and landslides with bioengineering systems, to water purification by means of the exclusive use of plants, or even to interventions of forestation and reforestation of medium to large surfaces to fight the increase of the greenhouse effect. In recent years the focus on the preservation of biodiversity has increasingly growing and has become aware of the need to adopt appropriate measures for the protection of the species, habitats at risk, (in situ conservation, ie directly within the original habitat) and where this is not possible, due to situations already seriously compromised adopt the ex situ (outside of the original habitat) endemic germ plasm. Foreseeing this, Codra Mediterranea has adopted, for years, its own Germplasm Bank, a all'avanguardia structure that allows for the ex situ, in the medium and long term, endemic germ plasm in latent living conditions. The Company also has a nursery structures suitable for the reproduction and propagation of native species as well as shrub and arboreal species of forest and ornamental interest. The nursery has directed its production towards highly specialized material, locally sourced and guaranteed by the company's quality system in order to have productions of ecotypes with ecological characteristics suitable to the future destination site. The modern nursery, also makes use of greenhouses attached to the nursery, consisting of spacious air-conditioned structures capable of reproducing environmental conditions suitable for species whose optimum is different from that present in the external environment of the nursery.

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