Drink a coffee, throw the cup" and a flower grows"


The idea comes from America (and where else?), Where coffee is typically consumed in huge cardboard cups, interdirci for those of Starbucks. Only in the US each year we consume about 146 billion takeaway coffee cups with relative cardboard disposable.Yeah, but what happens to all these cups? Although they can be recycled, the paper of these products can be reused is not more than 2 or 3 times before the fibers are too worn. Obviously we are talking only of those huge glasses that end nell'indifferenziata, certainly not of those who are thrown into the street.A California startup Reduce. Reuse. Grow "has seen fit to give a new life to these glasses of cardboard and make them bloom again, in the true sense of the word. How? Simple. After drinking the coffee, the container can be opened, put to soak in water for 5 minutes and then planted. And the cardboard can be reborn a flower, which can be buried on the balcony, to the park, or in the garden pool, the choice is yours.At the base of this "miracle flower" is a new concept of reuse permanent, ie paper containers made with a mixture of cellulose compostable inside incorporate seeds of native species of California. Even if these were to be thrown into the cups are completely biodegradable in 180 days. Each container buried, they know the leaders of the startup, subtracts one tonne of CO2 to the atmosphere.And they say that coffee makes you nervous, yes ... but in this case it is a stimulus for our green thumb."

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