Collective seed for the new park in Milan


The invitation is addressed to all Milanese (of all ages): "Let's sow together". Thus, the Riccardo Catella Foundation has been titled on Sunday, September 24, when it is planned to sow the shredded meadows and flowers of the new park of the "Tree Library" in the Porta Nuova district, between the Vertical Wood and Gae Aulenti Square.
The project, which will continue in the coming months with the planting of 450 trees, will eventually transform this space into the third extension park of the center of Milan; the conclusion is expected in the spring of 2018.
Meanwhile, we think about lawns: Sunday, from 3pm to 6pm, all Milanese can join in the collective sowing of herbaceous herbs. The event is in the public gardens of via de Castilla, where citizens can register for the activity (free) and receive seeds to plant in the park, accompanied by expert technicians.
Children up to the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult and the recommendation for everyone is to wear comfortable clothes; if the weather is bad, the event will be postponed to September 30.
The park library will have an area of 9 hectares and a half, and will contain 450 trees of 19 different species, plus 90,000 of hedges, shrubs, and cliffs.
"The trees - they read in the presentation of the project on the site of the City of Milan - will be organized in a series of circles, distributed throughout the site, which together form the Library of the Trees, and named after the park. Each tree in the collection is presented in an open or completed circle, each circle named and indicated by the letters written on the paths that cross or cross it.
Since each circle is made up of a specific tree, the different species are met in an extraordinarily intensified manner: with the characteristics and qualities multiplied by their number, the trees will wrap the visitor with their smell, color, movement, sound, shape and structure. And their presence will become more intense as time passes. While the trees in most of the forests will be pruned to free their trunk from the lower branches, the Forests Circulars will make habitable 'living rooms', spaces available to the public. Trees create a roof that offers shade and protection, changing color and mass throughout the year, while fallen leaves will form an inviting carpet on which to stroll. "
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