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Comagarden - Gardening machinery manufacturers association




Since 2012 Comagarden went from product group to the association of Italian manufacturers of machines for gardening within FederUnacoma, to represent and support with greater specificity the domestic industry of machines for the care of green areas for professional use and hobby. The Comagarden maintains institutional relations with ministries, organizations and national bodies as well as, through EGMF (European Gardening Machinery Federation) which it joined in late 2006, with the various European and international bodies, and in particular with the corresponding American association of manufacturers motor cars intended for use outdoors, OPEI (outdoor Power equipment Institute). Comagarden fielding activities to support its member companies on the following fronts: -statistico (detection activity on the production data in the internal market - through Morgan (Monitoring Research National Garden) and European - through EGMF program and trends in imports -export) -tecnico-regulatory (unification of European and international standards, safety requirements and related testing methodologies, development of EU directives); -promozionale (national collective organization at international trade fairs, missions of Italian operators abroad and foreign operators in Italy, market research on countries of strategic interest, studies on major markets with medium-term projections). The Italian market for gardening machinery - which has experienced a further development compared to that of other countries such as Germany, England and the US, with a marginal position in the 70 and growing in subsequent decades - has experienced a gradual consolidation industry sector is increasingly characterized by technology, design and quality, elements that make it internationally competitive and able to face the challenges of old and new markets.
Since 2012

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