Comagarden: the marketing trend of Italian garden machinery in 2015 and the latest in the new year


Summing up on the year ending with a look to the future, GardenTV interviewed Federica Tugnoli, Secretary of operating Comagarden, the Association of Machinery Manufacturers for the garden.**Before starting the interview on market data, ask his comment on the last edition of the Garden Show in Monza has met your expectations and those of your associates?**The turnout was not what we expect, but we are talking about a first edition. The potential for growth are there, we have to wait until next year to begin to understand if the domestic market is ready for an event of this type or whether outdoor events, which also are popular abroad, are still alien to habits of the Italian public. How Comagarden we organized a collective participation, providing our associated benefits in terms of economic and services, and we hosted a delegation of foreign operators selected by Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia, with the programming of B2B meetings with companies during the fair in the classrooms of the school of agriculture, and even television coverage of the event.**There will therefore be a second edition even with the support of FederUnacoma?**"The fair" demo "is an event for companies interested, and, as I said, it is important to create a second edition in Monza to test the possibilities of growth of the event. However, the best way that companies have to promote their products to customers is to show them to work and make them try on the field. Next year we are engaged with the Salon EIMA Green, within EIMA, but in two years, if companies will confirm their interest, we will be ready to go again the dynamic event".**Pulling a financial data sales of garden machinery, 2015 was a good year?**"So far, yes. After several years of negative trend in the last two seasons the market is recovering. It must be said that, after a very positive 2014 thanks to the favorable weather conditions, the trend in 2015, although positive, appears less bright. After a first half still growing, sales in the third quarter of the year returned to fall for many types of products, but the final end of the year is likely to remain positive overall".**What are the types of machines that have been most sold in 2015? Which are the types of machines with negative trends?**"The products in the battery are those that register the best performance and there is much room for the robot mower, a new product, more and more required. Cordless chainsaws are themselves growing in a generally favorable for this type of tool, which in the first nine months of the year recorded a surplus of almost 7% over the same period in 2014. If we go to analyze data on the value growth rates would be less significant, because in times like this it is hard to revise upwards the scales, and the market still seems oriented products 'first price' at the expense of the high range. The trend is worse snowplow that, due to issues on the weather very mild, still mark a significant deficit (-21%)".**We can say that the Italian market in 2015 of the "motor garden" is in good health?**"Climatic conditions favorable and consumer confidence give us a hand, but we can still consider ourselves completely" out of the crisis".**An issue of great importance and criticality is that of counterfeiting. Can you explain what influences have on the market, and what measures it intends to implement the association to combat it?**"What counterfeiting is an issue that is close to our heart. Counterfeiting causes economic damage and image damage to our companies and customers connected to intrinsically safe products. There are two areas in which we are working, first raising awareness to the institutions. In this regard, we have already started a dialogue with the body of the Guardia di Finanza, which has shown an active interest towards our sector, even coming to visit with its own qualified representation at the last edition of Agrilevante, and thus taking direct vision of the types machines and the contexts in which the phenomenon of counterfeiting may occur with some evidence. Secondly, we are defining a control procedure in its trade fairs, as part of a strengthened strategy to combat against counterfeiting, especially in view of EIMA International 2016".**There are still several months but the "engines" of EIMA 2016 are already heating up. The event will be held with satisfaction again in Bologna?**"Certainly, Bologna lies ahead and we are already working to get an appointment in the best way. The decision to bring the field of gardening in the large exhibition in Bologna has proved successful, and in the latest editions of the Salon EIMA Garden has been able to offer the best products for gardening and lawn care in an environment of tremendous impact how to EIMA International".**After the success of last year to meet the expectations of the exhibitors it will be even harder. What do you think? What strategies have you put "in the field"?**"It is clear that, after the 2014 edition of EIMA International that saw record attendance with over 230 thousand visitors and the record surface and engaged in missions abroad, expectations for 2016 are very high. For next year we are planning major investments both in terms of internationality both in efforts to draw the Italian public. We will soon provide more details about our activities".**What's new will for the sector of the gardening and the like? The "garden" will have one or more dedicated pavilions. They will be the same as last year? You in anticipation of organizing events and courses during the days of the event?**"As always, the garden will be located in Halls 33 and 34. The rest is yet to be determined. The strength of EIMA is the fact that it is not only a unique "showcase" technology, but also a political and cultural event, which allows you to analyze market trends, to understand how demand will develop in the coming years in different areas of world, to investigate the role that particular park maintenance can have in improving the quality of our environment and quality of life. The leisure facilities, public spaces, urban decor require special care and must have their capabilities but also their beauty. The aesthetic is not an accessory but a structural element of our prosperity"."


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