Compact, lightweight and powerful blower


Compact and lightweight, it weighs 3.9 kg, but at the same time powerful and effective, thanks to the motor "New pure fire" from 23.9 cc: the blower Hitachi RB24EAP is designed to clean every surface and in the garden "includes" up to 'last leaf. Performance is top of the line, in fact, the air outlet speed exceeds 270 km / h, making it a real bundle of energy. The blower is devoid of the ability to drain for a precise choice of Hitachi who bet on a twenty fan blades in high performance for blow molding, so as to increase efficiency and performance. The 23.9 cc engine delivers a power of 0.89 kW / 1.21 hp; the volume of maximum flow is 12.5 cubic meters per minute, the maximum flow speed of 76 meters per second.

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