Comparative robot lawn mower, 13 models compared


This video offers a comparison between 13 mower entry level robots to guide consumers to find what is the best model for your cutting needs and lawn types. Each robot lawn mower is presented with technical data and parameters the same for all, understandable and useful to facilitate the purchase, including: workspace, noise, price and size. The video, produced by GardenTV, provides an overview of the entry level robot currently present (May 2016) on the market by analyzing the characteristics of the following models: Adhok Herby XS; AL-KO Robolinho 100; Ambrogio L30 Elite Plus; Efco Sirius 700; Gardena R40Li; Hitachi MLR18DL; Honda Miimo 310; Husqvarna Automower 105; Neumann Minimission 2016; Robomow RC304; Stiga autoclip 223; Viking MI 422 and Worx Landroid M.

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