The competition that rewards excellence in the garden


With the "Showcase of excellences" Myplant & Garden intends to enhance the innovative capacity, the environment and sustainability, the social and well-being value of the product of the exhibiting companies. Participation is free of charge for exhibitors, who will only be able to apply for one product. Those considered worthy will be selected.
A special commission of experts will evaluate the proposals presented by exhibitors by January 20 and will give a favorable opinion, or not, on participation in the Showcase by January 30.
The companies selected for the "Showcase of Excellencies" will receive, by the organizers and without any burden for the exhibitors, a special signage to be placed next to the "competing" products directly inside their own stand.
During the event, the "Showcase of Excellencies" will therefore be recognizable through a path between the stands. Articles of any type and size, divided into the following categories, may apply for specific visibility: new varieties of ornamental plants, new varieties of cut flowers and fronds, new varieties of vegetable and fruit plants, innovative means, materials and preparations commercial for floriculture, innovative equipment, machinery and plant engineering for floriculture and gardening, new building and construction materials for the creation of green areas, new garden furniture, new pots and products for indoor and outdoor green design.
Each product presented must have the company specification, the description of the product characteristics with details on the innovation, the description of the methods of use and use and all the information that the company believes it should provide. During the first exhibition day, Wednesday 26 February, the special Myplant & Garden 2020 Excellence Plaques will be assigned for each of the above categories and on the basis of the opinions expressed by the selection committee.
At this link the indications to participate.

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