Competition: win a lawn mower


Also this year Briggs & Stratton is promoting the competition that is giving away machines and equipment for the maintenance and care of greenery and the garden, but not only, also for home hobbies.
At stake are a lawn mower, a pressure washer and a Super Maintenance Kit for garden machines.
"You can devote yourself to your passions and your green spaces without sacrificing the professional quality of Briggs & Stratton brand products," they explain.
The first prize is a Snapper NX60 lawn mower, the second an Elite 2800 pressure washer, the third prize is a Super Maintenance Kit which contains 1 Premium oil 5l, 1 Commercial oil 5l, 1 Standard oil 5l, 1 Winter oil 1l, 1 Petrol additive 100ml, 1 250ml petrol additive, 2 professional absorbent paper, 1 oil removal kit, 2 carburetor cleaners, 2 professional degreasers, 2 professional dirty protector, 2 professional detergent, 2 professional handwashing paste, 2 professional microfiber cloths, 1 professional paper roll, 1 cover sheet lawn mower, 1 B&S logo hoodie, 1 B&S cap, 1 B&S T-shirt, 1 B&S professional suit, 1 B&S professional coat.
To participate, visit the website

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