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Compo Italia srl

COMPO Italy Srl operates in the hobby market with Compo and Gesal brands and offers a complete range of products from user-friendly and responsive to every demand of flowers, plants, gardens and orchards, from planting up to nutrition and defense. The Company boasts the distribution of known brands internationally and nationally as Compo Sana for potting soils and Floranid® for lawn fertilizers, as well as prestigious collaborations with leading companies in the professional sector, which allows us to offer a highly curated range selected. The excellent quality, effectiveness and guaranteed the safety of all the products, followed closely by the production composition, aesthetics of the packaging capabilities enable Compo Italy Srl to occupy a leading position in its market. Since October 2013 Compo Italy Srl has integrated the products managed until then by Terrasan Italy Srl, adding to its portfolio also the production and distribution of trademarks and products dedicated to the consumer of mass retailers.
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Compo Italia srl
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