Common Fioriti: the competition in 2017


One launched in these days is the 11 edition of the national contest "flower towns of Italy", organized by Asproflor (the producer association nurserymen).
"This tourism marketing initiative - environmental, explanatory Asproflor, has successfully applied for decades by many countries today are in fact some 25,000 towns and villages participating in Europe in bloom competitions, with important impacts on the quality of life and image Tourism (and consequently on the economy). Contests with limited resources have promoted between the municipalities and the citizens a healthy competitive spirit and emulation that has transformed whole regions and countries into real flower gardens, smiling and welcoming.
At European level the Entente Florale competition then puts competing municipalities more flowery than 11 countries joined this initiative in 2006 even Italy with Asproflor, and in subsequent editions are numerous gold, silver and bronze won by Italian municipalities. "
Entries must be submitted until 28 April 2017 (for information


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