Comuni Fioriti, here is the guide for 2016


Asproflor, the Association of nurserymen and Uncem producers have the House of Commons Guide Flowery 2016, which collects communities across Italy.In Turin, on April 8, it is planning a meeting with mayors, administrators and citizens to analyze the marketing strategy and receptions based on beauty and harmony of the place.A path for municipalities to share in the mountainous Unions, thanks to the efforts of the community and with the help of planners of green experts and public spaces.The Chairman of Asproflor Renzo Marconi, and his deputy Sergio Ferraro; Luigi Delloste, (examples of blooms and types of plants in public spaces) of trees arborist and technical usefulness and safety of trees in the city, Rossana Turina, famous National President Here with us," Mauro Paradisi, technical town of Avignana judge of the flowering competitions, Lido Riba President Uncem."


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