Comuni Fioriti: the winners


A flowery corner EIMA International: the exhibition of agricultural machinery that has just ended in Bologna in fact hosted the closing ceremony of the national competition Fioriti municipalities. 
Asproflor, the Association of nurserymen producers, organized a two days with an intense program of meetings and events. 

During the award ceremony, he received the highest award of the competition to the city of Pré Saint Didier, who won the "Four Golden Flowers"; after having participated and won the bronze medal in the world competition Communities in Bloom (with flowery cities around the world), Pré Saint Didier has garnered the highest award given in Bologna, and the applause of many other municipalities that look Valdaostan city as a model . 
In the category of Commons Tours the first place went to Arco (TN), according to Gressoney St. Jean (AO); for municipalities up to 1,000 inhabitants, first prize in Antey St. Andre '(AO) and second in Ingria (TO); for municipalities from 1000 to 5000, first prize in Pomaretto (TO), according to Sinagra (ME); for municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants, ranking first in Grado (GO) and second in Merano (BZ). Grade will represent Italy at the World competition Communities in Bloom 2017. 

The event started on Saturday 12 with the round table entitled "So many actors for a unique sight: the green" and continued with the traditional election of 'Miss Fioriti municipalities', this year won by Maria Trofimciuc of Terruggia (AL). Sunday 13, have reached the prestigious auditorium of the Congress Center of the Fair Europe about 135 delegations of cities and countries from all over Italy, who participated in the contest; three intense hours of leadership for small and large municipalities that have joined the network, an important tool to make better citizens centers, focusing on the beauty of the area, harmony, acceptance, on improving the quality of life and the welfare of people and tourists. 

"The flowers, with the commitment of the municipal government and the community, are essential", they commented Renzo Marconi and Sergio Ferraro, President and Vice Asproflor. 
Below all shared prizes by town. 

4 Flowers 
Alba, Antey Saint André, Arco, Avigliana, Bergolo, Brusson, Cella Monte, Cervia, Cesana Torinese, Claviere, Crissolo, Faedo, Grado in Friuli, Gressoney St. Jean, Ingram, La Magdeleine, La Thuile, Merano, Molveno, Neviglie Ossana, Pomaretto, Pré Saint Didier, Savigliano and Sestriere, Sinagra, Sordevolo, Spello, Stresa, Terme Vigliatore, Triei, Usseaux, Varallo, Villar Pellice. 

3 Flowers 
Agropoli, Alto, Andorno Micca, Anzola d'Ossola, Bene Vagienna, Bussolengo, Cabella Ligure, Carcoforo, Cavallermaggiore, Cavour, Chamois, Chiusa di San Michele, Coniolo, Cossato, Forza d'Agro, Gangi, Gattinara, Graglia, Ischia Castro, Lavis, Lillianes, Lozzo di Cadore, Minor, Montalbano Elicona, Montecarlo of Lucca, Omega, Peveragno, Piobesi Torinese, Pinasca, Pombia, Ronco Biellese, Santa Marina Salina, Sorradile, Tavagnasco, Usseglio, Venetico, Vigliano Biellese, Villar San Costanzo, Vistrorio. 

2 Flowers 
Aglié, Belgirate, Borgo Val di Taro, Camagna Monferrato, Campertogno, Campodenno, Carpignano Sesia, Casorate Sempione, Castellina in Chianti, Condove, Cossignano, Davagna, Dronero, Etroubles, Fivizzano, Fubine, Gallodoro, Garbutt, Gifflenga, Gissing, Gravellona Toce , Grazzano Badoglio, Lauriano, Massiola, Miglierina, Montaldo Roero, Oleggio Castello, Perarolo di Cadore, Piana Crixia, Pianello Val Tidone, Pianezza, Robassomero, Roccabruna, Roccafiorita, Rosignano Monferrato, Rueglio, Sangano, Soverzene, Stenico, Strambino, Tusa, Valtournenche, Vicoforte. 

1 Flower 
Antignano, Casanova Elvo, Celle di San Vito, Conzano, Dego, Frassinello Monferrato, Isola d'Asti, La Morra, Macra, Marchirolo, Meina, Montagnareale, Nasino, Ottiglio, Romallo, Sambuca di Sicilia, Sillavengo, Tavigliano, Terruggia. 

For material creative recycling: Cabella Ligure 
Better documentation submitted: Alba 
flowery villages: Roccabruna 
Rose garden dedicated to the illustrious Savigliano Savigliano 
Project "the bloom Infernot": Monte Cella 
expenditure commitment for the recovery and conservation of the monumental mulberry: Cervia 
Commitment of volunteers: Soverzene 
Common riciclone: Dego 
FederUnacoma: Terme Vigliatore 
Unpli: Bergolo 
highest number of members municipalities: City of Turin Metro 
Participation awards: Gangi 

highest percentage of registered common: Province of Aosta 
Uncem Piedmont: Cesana Torinese 
Bayer: Comprehensive School District Mussotto and Left Alba Tanaro 
Town Hall flowered: Varallo 
Old flowery Sangano building 
Hotel flowered: Villa Aminta in Stresa 
Flower garden: Usseglio 
Flowered School: equal municipal Nursery School "War Memorial" Gissi 
Green Thumb: Vanda Pession (Valtournenche) 
Houses and flowering balconies: Sisto and Benjamin Girodo of Tavagnasco (first place), Maria Cristina Racca of Pinasca (second place), Rina Depetris of Crissolo and Annamaria Castrale of Usseglio (tied for third place). 

"An important award, which launches us with the year 2017, the eleventh year of our national competition, in the twelfth presence at the selection of European Entente Florale" and third in the World contest "Communities in Bloom" says Renzo Marconi, President of Asproflor-municipalities Fioriti. "In these years of contact and comparison with the municipalities - we continue Marconi - we believe we have made a significant contribution to the development of the 'flower culture with a short chain', chosen by the municipalities participating in the circuit directly from nurserymen operating in the area. In short, he tried to help the industry by widening the horizons and creating, with municipalities Fioriti, a 'territorial marketing' tool. This means, every year, in the realization of a Guide that spread to 100,000 copies, tells the itineraries of Italy of green and flowers, creating a valuable support for those who want to 'floral-green' tourism. " 
Appointment in Spello (PG) in the heart, on 11 and 12 November 2017, for a new license plate award "Comuni Fioriti".


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