Confartigianato: the section for green businesses is born


Confartianato has established a new category at the national level dedicated to "Green businesses", to support and protect companies that deal with gardening, care and maintenance of green areas and nursery gardening.
"Among the priorities identified by the national leadership group - we read in the press release - there are the protection of the florist supply chain technical table set up at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the revival and stabilization of the" green bonus "introduced by the Law of Financial Statements 2018, the national collective labor agreement for the sector and the monitoring of the application of the professional profile of the green maintainer required by Law 154 of 2016 ".
The new category was established in Rome on 27 March. Christian Mattioli, entrepreneur of Reggio Emilia and regional representative of the category was appointed to the presidency. Together with him, on the board of directors, there are Stefania Dal Maistro (Veneto), Marco Miori (Trentino), Cristiano Reali (Tuscany) and Marco Nigro (Lombardy).


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