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The conference "+ green, + beauty, + economy" organized by Agro Service and Galdus Vocational School will be held in Milan on Friday 27 October (9am to 1pm).
"The quality and quantity of green spaces are increasingly associated with wellness, prestige, and living environment. At one point in time information will be presented about the regulatory innovations in the industry and some proposals for company development, "the organizers explain.
Jobs will start at 9.30 am with Angioletto Borri (Assoverde Territorial Commissioner)'s intervention on the new Code of Contracts as a development opportunity. Then, Stefano Bertolina, Director of Galdus Academy will focus on the professional figure and the enabling training paths. Alessandro Alziati, Creative Director and Brand Manager, will explain how to communicate with old and new customers in the digital era, while Gaetano Selleri, founder of PAN ASSOCIATI will hold a speech entitled "More Beauty Acting". A moderate morning will be the agronomist Gianni Azzali.
The conference is intended for owners and employees of green construction and maintenance companies, owners and employees of service companies and cooperatives, professionals and technicians in the sector, public officials.
Participation in the conference (held at viale Toscana 23 at Galdus Academy) is free after registration, for information you can write to


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