Conference on the National Green Plan


On May 10th at the Castello Visconteo Sforzesco of Novara an important conference will be held, organized by the Committee for the development of the public green of the Ministry of the Environment and of the protection of the territory and the sea for the presentation of the National Green Plan.
Law 10/2013 "Rules for the development of urban green spaces" entrusts the Development Committee of the public green of the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea the implementation of the National Green Plan that sets out criteria and guidelines for the construction of permanent green areas around major conurbations and tree-lined roads along the roads, to allow an adaptation of the building and public and educational infrastructure that guarantees the redevelopment of buildings also through the renewing of walls and pavements solar, the creation of gardens and gardens and the improvement of space.
With this conference, the Committee intends to present the results of the first draft of the Strategic Plan for our Country on the subject of green infrastructures and urban forests.
During the morning the aims, objectives and scope of the National Green Plan will be presented.
At this link the complete program of the day, organized with the support of Assofloro Lombardia


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