A conference on pyroherbicide


Flame weeding in weed management: this is the theme of the day organized in Avigliana (near Turin) from Asproflor, February 15.
The meeting will also have a practical part, which is intended to teach how to intervene with this technique, in line with the new provisions of the decree legislatico 150 of 2012 and the Pan.
The conference, free of charge, is aimed at gardeners, maintenance workers, of green professionals, but also public and municipal technical directors; to promote it is Asproflor / Municipalities Fioriti, in collaboration with the municipality of Avigliana and the Maito firm from Arezzo.
The registration of participants will take place at 9 am, then, after the customary greetings and introduction by Sergio Ferrao, vice president of Asproflor, Massimo Zacchetti will explain the contents of the Pan legislation.
Next, at 11, a practical demonstration with equipment edited by Maito srl Arezzo.

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