Cons. Agrario del Piemonte Orientale



Cons. Agrario del Piemonte Orientale

Alexandria: December 12, 1927. In front of the notary Mario Mensi in the study of Via Verdi, 9, there are thirty-two farmers to give life to the "Consorzio Agrario Provincial Cooperarivo". And 'the birth of a reality destined to go a long way to the farming community service Alexandrian and to influence positively the evolution and modernization. "Around the Agrarians - he wrote Manlio Rossi Doria Consortia - not only have organized the best initiatives for the agriculture technological progress, but were formed more educated and combative nuclei of the struggle for economic liberalism and modern political agarria in our country".


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Cons. Agrario del Piemonte Orientale
Via Vecchia Torino, Alessandria (AL)

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