Cons. Agrario dell’Emilia



Cons. Agrario dell’Emilia

Connective node between the world of agriculture and the food processing industry, the Agricultural Consortium of Emilia is able to guarantee each shareholder optimum use of its production potential in the global market through a supply chain strategy. In this context, the CAEmilia offers, to farms of different types specialized assistance and high-level customized from design to commercialization. The CAEmilia is an integral part of the production chains of the territory under its control The chain system allows to address agricultural production according to the needs of the consumer. The "Disciplinary production" guide the socio obtaining of quality products, which will be guaranteed by the precise tracking of agronomic interventions. In the livestock sector, as in agriculture, optimize the quality is to remain competitive on the international market. integrated pest management, biological control, targeted use of plant protection products, recycling of raw materials: these are the CAEmilia guidelines for an ecological management of agriculture. Keepers of ancient gastronomic traditions of the territory, the CAEmilia plays a vital role in safeguarding the hydrogeological balance of the ecosystem hilly.

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Emilia Romagna
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Cons. Agrario dell’Emilia
Via Centese 5/3, San Giorgio di Piano (BO)

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