Cons. Agrario della Maremma Toscana



Cons. Agrario della Maremma Toscana

Two famous and historical associations to Grosseto and Livorno which are the roots, the foundations on which it stands this company.

A fusion which aims to bring out the best aspects of the two companies, creating a synergy that generates more and performace at the highest levels, structural and technological innovations, territorial exaltation.

A leap into the future that draws its energy and strength from ancient traditions, from long experience, love for this land and its fruits.

The history of the Agricultural Consortium of Tuscany, now more than a century, is the history of agriculture Maremma, which stretches back through the deep social political changes that have characterized the past century and the current one.

Our region has experienced profound transformations: from huge reclamation operations, to land reform, before the advent of mechanization, the latest achievements of technology; transformations and changes in which the farmers' cooperative has always had a leading role.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Cons. Agrario della Maremma Toscana
Via Roma 3, Grosseto (GR)

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