Cons. Agrario delle province del Nord Ovest



Cons. Agrario delle province del Nord Ovest

The Agricultural Cooperative of North-West Province (abridged Postcode North West) was born in March 2000 as a result of the name change and adaptation to the law 410/99 of the then Agricultural Institute of Cuneo Provincial Consortium. In a project framework to promote synergies and achieve economies of scale and size, the Consortium has subsequently proceeded territorial combination with the Provincial Agrarian Consortium of Asti (August 2000) and the Agricultural Cooperative Interprovincial Imperia, Genoa, La Spezia and Savona (July 2001). At the time, the catchment area thus includes the provinces of Asti, Cuneo, Imperia and Savona. As a cooperative, the company, in compliance with the principles and methods of mutuality, implements, in reference to all the farmers, an articulated commitment to the provision of technical means, innovation and improvement of agricultural production, as well as the preparation and management of useful services to agriculture.

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Cons. Agrario delle province del Nord Ovest
Via Bra 97, Cuneo Ronchi (CN)

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