Cons. Agrario di Benevento



Cons. Agrario di Benevento

The Benevento Provincial Agrarian Consortium is a limited liability cooperative company franchised back in June 23, 1901, registered under number 1 of the register reg. soc. the court of Benevento, and the C.C.I.A.A. Benevento to the companies register number 46, are currently about 1000 soci.I farmers' cooperatives have always played an important socio-economic role in the Italian economy and the consortium of Benevento has been and still is a precise reference point for farmers Sannita province. The main purpose is to contribute to the increase and improvement of agricultural production as well as to social and cultural initiatives in the interest of farmers. The two most important and profitable segments of the Sannita agricultural production are represented by the wine-growing and cereal growing the Benevento Provincial Agrarian Consortium to this end has contributed to the creation of two cooperatives. La Cantina del Taburno in the field of viticulture and the Cooperative Saint Lucia in the cereal sector. These represent today the main points of reference for Sunni manufacturers.

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Cons. Agrario di Benevento
Via XXV Luglio 14, Benevento (BN)

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