Cons. Agrario di Bolzano



Cons. Agrario di Bolzano

The Agricultural Consortium of Bolzano is the cooperative of farmers throughout the region. Its purpose is to make contributions with spirit and mutual non-profit, innovation and improvement of agricultural production, as well as the preparation and management of useful services to agriculture. The cooperative spirit is the guiding principle of the Consortium, all gains achieved are reinvested in improving services and facilities. However, the Cooperative does not renounce to be a modern, market-oriented, committed to providing partners and customers, with quality products and services at the best possible conditions. Farmers can make use of the Consorzio Agrario di Bolzano as an important partner in the purchase of products useful to agriculture. Our expertise is, however, also to all those customer service who love animals, nature and the garden, which can be found in our 30 branches a comprehensive selection of articles. Our employees are continuously updated so as to be able to offer customers - farmers or gardeners - the best advice.

You can find us

Trentino Alto Adige
Company headquarter
Cons. Agrario di Bolzano
Via Werner Von Siemens 10, Bolzano (BZ)

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