Cons. Agrario di Campobasso e Isernia



Cons. Agrario di Campobasso e Isernia

The Consortium is a public economic entity; it applies to the general legislation on joint stock companies. The Consortium aims to foster the conditions necessary for the development, harmonious and orderly, productive activities in industry, handicrafts, trade and services, within the relevant area. The Authority shall: to promote the productive development of the area through studies, projects and proposals; to acquire, good-naturedly, or through expropriation, and cede land and properties for the establishment of companies, territorial infrastructure and common services; to build and operate the works, plant, equipment and services of interest and common use; to promote, build and operate infrastructure for the industry, commerce and crafts, rustic and industrial services to companies, initiatives for the orientation and training of workers, middle managers and young entrepreneurs, and any other functional service of interest to economic activities; to select and locate production and service initiatives in the area of jurisdiction; Promoting the establishment of companies to which entrust the design, implementation and management of works, infrastructure and services; to assume, finally, any effect leading to the achievement of institutional goals.

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Cons. Agrario di Campobasso e Isernia
Via Facchinetti 3, Campobasso (CB)

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