Cons. Agrario di Caserta



Cons. Agrario di Caserta

The structure of the Agricultural Consortium of Caserta is represented by an organizational and production network divided and distributed throughout the province, the result of a century of expansion, it allows us to carry out the activities that have always allow us to collect the consent of farmers and It consists of: fuel Deposits: Alife, Gate Arnone, Grazzanise, Mignano Monte Lungo, S. Maria Capua Vetere Deposit fertilizers and pesticides: the St. Nicholas Avenue and S. Maria CV grain storage and drying plant: St. Nicholas Road Workshops for repairing agricultural machinery and equipment: S. Maria Capua Vetere, Piedimonte service with deposit machines: S. Maria CV Warehouses sale and storage: Alife, Arienzo, Gate Arnone, Castelvolturno, joy sannitica, Grazzanise, Mignano Monte Lungo, Piedimonte, S. Maria Capua Vetere, Trentola Ducenta, Vitulazio

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Company headquarter
Cons. Agrario di Caserta
Via Provinciale Appia, Località Ponteselice, San Nicola la Strada (CE)

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