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Cons. Agrario di Palermo

Consorzio Agrario di Palermo (constituted by public deed the twenty-July 1924), is, after more than eighty years of activity, an important landmark in the Sicilian agricultural scene. During its century-old business has grouped more than nine thousand members that they found in the Consorzio Agrario a reliable and efficient provider of services, products and technical means necessary for the exercise of the agricultural and agro-industrial. Since November 2004, the Consortium is managed by the current Board of Directors, which, among its many priorities, had the statutory change in operation (dating from 1927), and it adapts to the regulations in force of law company. The activities of the Consortium, are intended to "on the basis of the aims laid down in its Statute and under Article 2 of the n.410 / 1999 law, contribute to innovation and to the improvement of agricultural production, as well as the preparation and management of useful services to agriculture. " The areas where, traditionally, operates the consortium, are the cereal and the argument relating to the marketing of plant protection products and their mechanical means of farming, to these we must add other fields entirely innovative for the Consortium, the one dealing with food products typical of the Sicilian tradition, and that inherent in the development of productive supply chain systems in the wine sector, oil and vegetable. Consorzio Agrario di Palermo, in its present form took on a leaner and certainly more efficient administrative structure than in the past, firmly believing in the economic and social potential that such an organization provides to the agricultural and agro-industrial sector in Sicily, the current administration has wanted give a strong signal of change from the past planning a gradual expansion of the offered services and activities. The Consortium, in fact, has started operating in the agribusiness sector, particularly in the field of local products. The offering consists of cheeses, meats, preserves, wines etc. obtained from products supplied by their members and selected suppliers in order to ensure the modern consumer, increasingly attentive and demanding maximum transparency and genuine food. All treaties typical products are valued by the Consortium who, by putting his own label, is "guarantor" to the consumer of the intrinsic and extrinsic quality of the product thanks both to the excellent quality / price ratio to the homogeneous and consistent quality.

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