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Cons. Agrario di Parma - Agricultural production support
Cons. Agrario di Parma



Cons. Agrario di Parma

Founded over one hundred years ago, exactly 14 January 1893, the Consorzio Agrario di Parma is the interpreter of a policy of support and development of farms and agricultural production.

Throughout its history, the Agricultural Consortium has remained faithful to the point program adopted in its statutes dated 1893: program points that are, today as yesterday, from technical assistance to financial support to farmers, from the management of clusters of research activity and experimentation, the development of agricultural production to supply the tools and resources necessary to crops and to livestock; agricultural machinery and equipment, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, feed, all bearing in mind the requirements dictated by the particular agri-food vocation of Parma.

The Agroparma division provides media and technical support for crops; can count to 14, three of which are the latest generation of storage systems cereal with a withdrawal capacity of over 700,000 tons. Dealer to Parma and Reggio Emilia CNH, a world leader in tractors, the Consortium, with its machinery division, ranks among the best organized in Italy, relying on a qualified workshop. The mark that distinguishes the sector industrial machines is GEOMAC.

Within the industrial complex in Parma it is located the important animal feed production plant of the Agricultural Consortium, which places the company in a leading position in the production area of Reggiano Parmesan cheese. The EMILCAP brand, managed in consortium with agrarian consortia of Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Bologna-Modena is, in fact, the line brand animal feed. The farmers' cooperative has also always been the general agent Insurance FATA.
Since 1893

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Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Cons. Agrario di Parma
Str. dei Mercati 17, Parma (PR)

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