Cons. Agrario di Perugia



Cons. Agrario di Perugia

The Agricultural Associations, including that of Perugia, are born with a spirit of cooperation, such as buying groups in opposition to the industry of fertilizers and machinery, and at the same time as the concentration phenomenon in the sale of agricultural production.

Over the years, various Agricultural Associations (Provincial, Interprovincial and Regional) have modulated their structure, always cooperative nature, the various social, economic and territorial. In our day, the Agricultural Consortium of Perugia develops its activities in the service areas - technical-agricultural nature; banking and insurance - and products for agriculture.

The Perugia Provincial Agrarian Consortium is committed to protecting the health and safety of workers, compliance with the regulations; also undertakes to pursue a continuous improvement of its performance, minimizing, where technically possible and economically sustainable policy, the risks to the health and safety of its workers by standardizing their actions on the principles of a Management System for Health and Safety Workplace conforms to regulation BS OHSAS 18001: 2007.

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Cons. Agrario di Perugia
Strada Comunale dei Loggi 52, Perugia (PG)

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