Cons. Agrario di Pisa



Cons. Agrario di Pisa

Provincial Agrarian Consortium of Pisa, from 1872 to the shareholders of farmers and service customers. By visiting our pages, you can see in a simple technical information, services and products distributed by the Agricultural Cooperative and approach so the distribution structure of the largest agricultural sector in the province of Pisa.

Consorzio Agrario di Pisa is proposed on the web for meeting the requirements and needs present in the agricultural and livestock sector, going to offer a support to 360 ° to all operators in the service sector: the large agricultural entrepreneur company to switch from farmers to the vegetable lovers and floriculture.

The soul of the Agricultural Consortium, what differentiates us and allows us to provide a range of solutions and proposals for action for each kind of problem is a dialogue with the user with solutions and answers in real time, together with the supply a valid support tailored to the needs of an area that we know well: a land born and raised with us, since our origins.

Since 1872

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Cons. Agrario di Pisa
Via Aurelia Nord 4, Pisa (PI)

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