Cons. Agrario di Ravenna



Cons. Agrario di Ravenna

We are the Agricultural Cooperative of Ravenna. We care about this identity that binds us to Ravenna, a city famous around the world for its history of the Roman empire's capital and its beautiful mosaics. Coming in Cotignola we wanted to take with us a sign of this identity of ours, so we made do with a studio to a mosaic that represented our logo, and before long we will be proud to show it. Our farmers' cooperative, this dislocation, has chosen to increase its operational and administrative activities in this municipality. We hope this will contribute to the development and well-being of the territory, that of our Cooperative, its shareholders and all farmers.

Implementation of the plan of development and conversion of real estate facilities of the Agricultural Cooperative, located throughout the province, does not stop there. The aim is to adapt the technical and logistic potential of establishments evolution of farm characteristics, their cropping plans and their needs. And at the same time so we try to maintain an efficient management which is the best guarantee for the members of a peaceful future.

Hence the attention paid to the reorganization of Cotignola, Bizzuno Lugo, Ravenna (San Vitale and San Michele), Roncalceci, Longastrino, Conselice, S.P. in Campiano. The conformation of farms is undergoing significant changes, we try to give due consideration when we design new branch offices, with reference both to the type of construction that location. We have to be able to cope with the need for multifunctional use of our warehouses, as well as mergers and closures of smaller peripheral depots, in view of efficiency of agricultural services.

We believe the strategy that we have set is still valid for several years regarding the services to be provided to agricultural enterprises and which is based on:

  • efficient logistics, based on a network of warehouses, transportation, porterage;
  • technical assistance and agronomic widespread throughout the country and highly specialized.

Since 1899

You can find us

Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Cons. Agrario di Ravenna
Via Madonna di Genova 39, Cotignola (RA)

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